Juell Stewart is an urban strategist and researcher based in San Francisco, California. A Chicagoan 'til Chicago ends, she has always been fascinated with the way that people interact with the urban fabric and is passionate about building and researching vibrant communities. Juell studied Sociology and Philosophy at Cornell College, received a certificate in Urban Planning and Design from the Harvard University Graduate School of Design and earned a Master's in City Planning with a concentration in Community Economic Development from the University of Pennsylvania.

Juell has channeled her curiosity to delve into a variety of pursuits, from writing for ColorLines to community organizing to hosting a weekly podcast. Her thirst for urban culture has led her from Chicago to Brooklyn to Philadelphia to her current home in San Francisco, where she is a food systems planner by profession and an urban explorer in her free time. These days, she is interested in how digital communities evolve in the physical realm and the myriad ways technology shapes urban spatial perception, community engagement and political participation.


Photographer: Ben Chrisinger